Repair / Refinish

In the course of installation, RLI will do minor repairs, touchups or adjustments to furnishings, usually at no additional cost. This is a benefit to all involved in an FF&E project, as it minimizes time and expense.

Our clients can rest assured that minor shipping damage or small modifications to accommodate on-site conditions will be handled reliably and without a fuss.

Additional Refinishing / Refurbishing Services

Sometimes retained furniture needs more than just a quick touch-up. RLI offers off-site furniture rejuvenation services, including refinishing, reupholstery, and furniture modification. Retained furnishings may be touched up inside the guest rooms, or if they’re removed during a renovation, prior to their return.

Wear and Tear

We can repair wear-and-tear damage such as scratches, chips, burns and scuffs, giving the furnishings a like-new appearance.

Drawers, Doors and Pulls

We can adjust drawers and cabinet doors to ensure smooth opening and closing. You may wish to have drawer or door pulls replaced to update the look of the furniture.


RLI uses top quality refinishing products that will produce a result that meets or exceeds the client’s requirements. We do not use toxic or odor-producing products. Clients may request the use of a particular product or brand.