Attic Storage

In addition to providing temporary storage for the duration of a renovation or installation project, we also offer long term storage for your attic stock.

Few hotels have storage space to spare. Valuable attic stock items get piled haphazardly in inadequate store rooms, where they may be damaged, soiled, or buried and forgotten. Bulky items that are accessed infrequently, like carpet and wall vinyl, are better suited for off-site storage.

When assessing your off-site storage contractor, consider the following:

  • Do you know exactly what is being stored, and how long it has been in storage?
  • Is an inventory list easily accessible?
  • Do you know what insurance coverage is provided?
  • What the handling and delivery fees are?

Reliable Liquidation & Installation will:

  • pick up your goods from your current storage space;
  • give you a detailed inventory with photographs of all items in storage;
  • provide secure, fully-insured storage in a clean, dry facility; and
  • provide reliable delivery of whatever you need to the hotel, at time convenient to you.

We are not a public warehouse – we only make our storage space available to hotels.