Reliable Liquidation & Installation provides professional liquidation services for virtually any hotel item — from furniture to linens to room appliances and “back of house” items not necessarily related to a renovation.

Our goal with liquidated goods is to be as Green as possible, re-selling to independent hotel operators, care homes and retail customers and recycling what we aren’t able to sell. We work hard to send only a minimal amount of goods to disposal sites.

Removal of goods is performed by professional, properly insured crews operating well-maintained company vehicles. We take care to minimize damage when removing items from walls, and we always clean up after ourselves.


Of the many services that Reliable Liquidation & Installation offers, liquidating discarded, laundered, usable linen is one of the most popular. Hotels prefer the reliability and convenience of our pick-ups and prompt payment. RLI pays for linens based upon the type and quantity of the items liquidated. Our method generally pays more than the recyclers, who offer only a few cents per pound regardless of the condition or type of goods.

Contact us when you have accumulated sheets, towels, bedspreads, and other linens that are no longer up to your standards. We will schedule a convenient pick-up time, remove the linen, and give you a receipt for the pick-up. The linen is brought to our warehouse, where it is sized and counted. A complete accounting of the received linens accompanies our check to you, which is usually issued within 30 days of the pick-up date.

The linens we receive are resold to independent hotels and motels, care homes, non-profit organizations and retail customers who are pleased to acquire quality items with minor flaws for a fraction of the price of new.

Because we pay for each usable piece with the intent to sustainably resell them back to the community, you can feel good about your profit.


All sales, whether to retail or commercial customers, are conducted off-site at our warehouse. We do not advertise the names of the hotels from which we liquidate furniture. Special discounts are available to hotel employees who wish to purchase liquidated goods from our warehouse, for their personal use.