With substantial experience providing FF&E services to Bay Area hotels, RLI the best range and quality of Hospitality FF&E services in Northern California. Our hotel installation crews have the skills needed to meet any challenge that presents itself during the course of a project.

  • Reliability

    We will not over-extend ourselves by taking every project that comes along. Once we commit to a project, we’ll be there to do the work on schedule – with sufficient qualified workers and appropriate equipment to get the job done. We have never caused a delay in the progress of a project, and we often find ways to save time on the schedule.

  • Reputation

    We work hard to build and maintain an excellent reputation within the local Hospitality community. As a local company, we’re available to address any situations that may arise after the project is substantially complete, or should the hotel need assistance with unforeseen issues.

  • Professionalism

    We do not use casual labor. All members of our hotel crews are full-time, permanent employees of Reliable Liquidation & Installation. On-site employees wear our uniform and work cooperatively with other trades to ensure a productive environment and successful project.

  • Effective Project Management

    In addition to planning and oversight by the Project Manager, we assign an on-site Project Supervisor who is at the property whenever RLI personnel are present; it is his responsibility to keep the work flowing smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, we have a strong “behind the scenes” administrative and warehouse management staff, who are always available to respond to questions or special requests.

  • Inventory Control

    Product Status Reports – detailing receiving activity and warehouse inventory – are updated daily and available to interested parties online at any time.

  • Good Attitude

    We are enthusiastic about our work and proud of the quality of work we do. When we undertake a project, we make a commitment to give our cooperation and best efforts throughout.

  • Care

    We take care with the property – and always clean up after ourselves.

  • Integrity

    We bid projects as sensibly and competitively as we can. We will not submit an unrealistically low bid, with the intention of “making it up with change orders”.

  • Viewpoint

    It is, and will continue to be, our standard practice to build solid relationships with our clients. Repeat business is essential to the health and growth of any business; we think beyond the immediate project. We believe we are a valuable resource for our clients and appreciate being called back to a property each time a project may need the services we can provide.