Project Storage

Each item received is placed in a designated storage area and entered into your project’s online inventory report. Special attention is paid to items that need to be removed in sequence, such as furniture components that are labeled to be matched with other components. Special care and protection is given to items that arrive blanket-wrapped.

In addition to the usual FF&E storage, we can also accommodate OS&E receiving and storage. We will prepare “rooms in a box” or deliver those goods in bulk for the property to sort and distribute.
We also offer receiving, storage, and delivery services for wall vinyl, draperies, carpet, and other contractor installed items.

In calculating our storage fee, we consider the fluctuating space needs of each project as it progresses. A complete inventory report (Product Status Report) is updated as changes occur and is available online, 24/7.

Unfortunately, shipping accidents do sometimes happen. At RLI, proper handling procedures minimize the impact of such occurrences. Our receiving personnel routinely inspect for signs of damage as they unload goods. In the event of visible damage:

  • exceptions are noted on receiving paperwork,
  • photographs are taken of the package(s)
  • package contents are inspected.
  • If damage is found, photographs are taken, packing materials are set aside and all appropriate parties are promptly notified.