Delivery & Installation

At RLI, every phase of delivery and installation is carefully managed by our professional team.

RLI crews arrived prepared and ready to work.

In advance of each installation phase, we generate a pull-list; the necessary items are removed from inventory and loaded on to our fleet of fully insured, well maintained and clean trucks and trailers. A floor plan with the relevant product list is taped to each room’s door to confirm proper stocking and placement of all furnishings, and a punch list maintained during installation ensures that every item is accounted for.

Quietly and efficiently, our experienced installation crew will:

• unload the new furnishings and convey them to the appropriate rooms
• situate the furnishings in the rooms according to floor plans,
• install televisions (connection & programming by others)
• install cleats as necessary,
• install mirrors and artwork,
• install portable lighting,
• use dust-catchers while drilling, to maintain clean carpets and furnishings,
• clean up any debris resulting from installation,
• remove all packing materials to our trucks for recycling or off-site disposal daily.

Minor modifications to furniture? We’ll take care of those.

If the need arises in the course of installation, RLI will perform minor repairs, touchups or adjustments to furnishings on-site, usually at no additional cost. Quality incidental hardware and adhesives will be provided as necessary. This initiative is a benefit to all involved in an FF&E project, as it minimizes time and expense. Our clients can rest assured that minor shipping damage or small modifications to accommodate on-site conditions will be handled reliably and without a fuss.

We keep careful track of our progress and account for every piece.

We maintain an FF&E punch list throughout the installation to track any missing, deleted or substituted items and ensure correction as necessary.

Working with other crews for maximum efficiency.

We understand that other trades may have to complete minor tasks while our installation crew is working; we are happy to cooperate provided there is no interference with the completion of our tasks, and room security is not compromised.