Additional Services

Hotels undertaking partial renovations will be pleased to know that RLI offers storage and delivery for single-category items as well as furniture removal and return services.

RLI works hard to make every move efficient. Our crews will utilize on-site storage strategies wherever possible. All goods are handled with exceptional care under a meticulous inventory system.

Single Item Storage & Delivery

RLI provides off-site storage and delivery services for single item renovations or upgrades (such as beds or televisions).

Removal & Replacement

RLI is ready to serve clients in need of furniture removal and return during partial renovations, such as carpet replacement.

Bed Exchanges

We have found that it is most cost-efficient when RLI coordinates with the bed manufacturer to meet their vehicle, loaded with the beds to be installed that day, at the property. RLI crews will unload the beds, deliver them to the rooms, remove the used beds and all packing materials to our truck for disposal, and install the new beds.

The above method eliminates the need and expense of both warehouse handling and delivery from our warehouse to the hotel. When it is not possible to arrange on-site receiving, we work with the vendor to create a schedule of deliveries to our warehouse that will minimize handling expense.

Our crews can typically replace 50-60 beds per day.

Television Exchanges

RLI will receive the new sets at our warehouse and deliver them as needed to the hotel. Once on-site, our crew will deliver the new televisions to the rooms, remove the existing set, install the new set (connection & programming performed by others), and remove all packing materials.

We will install the security places or wall mount hardware. TV exchange projects usually proceed at a rate of 50-60 sets per day.


When special events require the professional removal and return of guest room furnishings, Reliable Liquidation and Installation is here to help make your move.

Special event requirements may require:

  • creating break-out rooms for meetings
  • re-arrangement or temporary removal of suite furnishings for parties, weddings, etc.
  • removal and return of furniture while new carpet is installed

In most cases, there is no need to remove the furnishings from the hotel property. A professional RLI crew will simply return as scheduled and move the items back into their original positions.

If on-site temporary storage is not possible, RLI will carefully load and store the removed furnishings at our warehouse until it is needed by the hotel.

As always, RLI crews are full-time, experienced professionals dedicated to on-time arrivals, removals and installations.